President's Message Page
R.. Mitch Mitchell, President
Gimlet Association 21st Infantry Regiment

Tommy Cummings  and R.. Mitch Mitchell. We hadn't seen each other in 43 years until last month when we met at a McDonald's across from the Red Rock Resort and Casino. I met his wife and family that day. We reminisced about the old days in B 3-21 IN, what we'd been doing since Vietnam and I looked through his scrapbook. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed our get together.

Summer Message 2016

Gimlet Brothers, hopefully you all took a few moments from your busy Memorial Day weekend to to pay homage to all who paid the ultimate price for our country's freedom.

I apologize for stepping away, leaving the association lacking leadership over the past three years. I pledge to do better in the future. During my absence I received e-mails asking why I stepped away as Association President and when a new president would take charge. I didn't and don't have a good answer other than my decision was personal and family related. Considering my age and the fact that I am in relatively good health for a person my age and after resettling in southern Nevada, I decided to return as Gimlet Association's Interim President.

I hope the Gimlet Brotherhood will allow me to assume leadership the association once again. It has been three years since being active in the Gimlet Association and updating the website, thereby addressing the Brotherhood and needs of the association. In recent months I've engaged in conversations with regard to the future of the association. During these conversations it was proposed that once again I take the reins of leadership and assume duties as Interim President. During this time the association will actively search for qualified candidates to fill the office of Association President as well as other vacated offices. I pledge to stay on assisting a new Association President's transition into office and after, if he/she so desires my assistance.

Beginning June and for subsequent weeks and months thereafter members will receive e-mail(s) from me (maybe more than one depending on database) or read posts on FaceBook accounts asking for help; requesting, input and feedback on how best to resurrect and/or restructure the association, making it a viable altruistic organization that may assist Gimlet Warriors, past, present and future. During my hiatus I discovered that Gimlets, especially young Gimlets on active duty today are eager to learn about Gimlet lineage. The proud Gimlet heritage must be preserved for present and future Gimlets. The job of educating rests with all Gimlets, but especially former Gimlets.

The following are some ideas/proposals/suggestions received via e-mails and discussions with other military association leaders over the past months:

Incorporating as a nonprofit organization. This is essential for any association to continue as a viable benevolent organization. Anyone with nonprofit organizational skills and/or  legal/taxation expertise is ask to step up and volunteer your talents. Incorporating is a must for accepting donations and raising money to sustain the Gimlet Association's viability;

Design and development of Gimlet Association items that may be sold by the association store to raise money for the organization. Some suggestions, Challenge Coin (a personal favorite) and/or possibly a miniature pin. Other suggestions Gimlet Association baseball cap and outer garments for casual wear. Possibly a B-cap for each battalion. The same for a large Gimlet patch to be worn on the back of jackets or vests for those who ride suggestions. I think this is important because these items signify pride and ownership in the Gimlet Association 21st Infantry Regiment and brotherhood;

Reconstitute the newsletter either print or digital version, add Gimlet authors names and books to be posted on the website homepage. An icon for the two active battalions on the homepage of the website linked to current activities, business and events;

Reunions, how best to go about developing a reunion, if possible. If you have expertise in this field please contact me.

My goal leading the Gimlet Association is and always has been to preserve the proud heritage and honor of the 21st Infantry Regiment (Gimlets)—lest we never forget our Gimlet Brothers who paid the ultimate price for freedom.


R. Mitch Mitchell, Interim President
Gimlet Association 21st Infantry Regiment

I request all Gimlets visit the Gimlet Association website: Read the current President's Message, and then check the Association Roster link for your name. If you do not find your name listed thereon please contact me so your name may be added. The same for name(s) on Gimlet Stick roster. I request that you view the Tribute page and thereby if you discover a Gimlet you know who has passed and is not listed on the page contact me. If you possibly have obituary information regarding the deceased Gimlet please pass it along to me so the Gimlet may be added and honored on the Tribute page. The same for the current Gimlet Warriors who have lost their lives in Afghanistan, Iraq or other hot spots around the world while they engaged in combat operations. If you have a photo or photos you care to pass along do so. The webmaster will try to post them as long as space is available, be patient. If you changed your e-mail address please send the new E address to me so I may update the database.

If interested in becoming active in the association such as an elected or appointed office, and/or any of the above-cited please reply. If not interested simply reply: Passive member only at this time.


R. Mitch Mitchell, Interim President
Gimlet Association 21st Infantry Regiment

PS: Help the association continue its Gimlet History Project, updating battalion and regimental history; therefore, we request historical documents, first hand accounts and identifiable photos regarding Gimlet history.

Stay in contact with Brother Gimlets by way of Regiment Gimlet on Face Book as well as the 1-21 IN and 3-21 IN Face Book accounts.

Thanks to all who made this old Gimlet's visit to the 1-21 IN an exciting and wonderful time.

My Visit to the 1-21 IN Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

On 12 May 2016, my youngest daughter married in a beautiful ceremony at St. Augustine By the Sea in Honolulu followed by a fantastic reception held at the RumFire. On Friday, 13 May 2016 I visited Schofield Barracks home of the 1-21 IN Gimlets. During my visit to the 1-21 IN and MTC I came away with ideas I would like to put into play to make positive changes in the association. Many of the suggestions put forth by Allen Hoe, Michael Anastasia, MAJ Bridges and Timothy LeTouzel gave me a new vision for the future of the Gimlet Association.

One of the most important questions lingering today is why the 3-21 IN pulled away from the association a few years ago (after the battalion redeployed to Fort Wainwright, Alaska), and no longer desire to be a part of the Gimlet Association.

Thanks to Allen Hoe who graciously took his valuable time to drive me to Schofield where we met the 1-21 Gimlet Battalion Commander—LTC Brent Clemmer.

LTC Clemmer briefed us in his CP where he presented me with a miniature Gimlet Stick and then allowed me to sign the guestbook and take photographs before beginning our tour of the battalion area with a stop at the S-2 Shop. During our meeting his office the commander share a tidbit of information: By years end the 1-21 IN will lose its STRYKERS and standup once again as LightFighter Battalion.

After the briefing the three of us walked over to meet the Commander of Bull Company, CPT Pinner as well as his senior Platoon Leader, LT Dave Barenholtz, along with a platoon of Gimlets. LT Barenholtz was leading the inventory effort to ensure all Bull Company's equipment was accounted for because of an upcoming change of command next month. CPT Jon Voss will assume command of Bull Company in June while CPT Pinner assumes Command of HHC.

I was awestruck with all the super neat equipment today's Gimlets have at their disposal to do warfighting. I was allowed to handle the M320 Grenade Launcher, very compact and lethal weapon. Unlike the M203 attached beneath the M16 or variations thereof the new grenade launcher is a stand alone weapon. We also got to see the heads up display devices, thermal optics. These devices enable Gimlet Warriors to have crew-served weapons set up and scanning without exposing themselves to enemy observation.

After that we were escorted inside the company supply room where we met 1SG Michael Bailey who was in charge of organizing the supply gages. On the way out we were allowed to view the M107 .50 caliber Long Range Sniper Rifle as well as the M110 7.62mm Semi Automatic Sniper System. As we got ready to depart we were greeted by a platoon where we shook hands with younger Gimlets. Two of the Gimlets, SPC Miles and SGT Land, proudly earned their EIBs in April. Because of their new status both men will be heading to Ranger school in June. Hooah!

As a former Annihilator and Bushmaster in Vietnam I was honored to get to visit my younger Gimlet Bothers in Bull Company. I would have enjoyed visiting A Company, but time did not permit. After visiting Bull Company we briefly visited the Gimlet Aid Station before driving to the 1LT Nainoa K. Hoe Mission Training Complex (MTC). (see the MTC article and photos below) (Mission Training Center – Hawaii on FB)

Once we arrived at MTC simulators we were met by CPT Blanton, CDR of the newly formed Dragon Company, and SFC Williamson Platoon Sergeant Second Platoon. Dragon Company stood up on 1 April 2016 as a Heavy Weapons Company for the 1-21 Gimlets. The company operates up-armored HMMWVs (commonly called Humvee) providing a wide array of heavy weapons to bring an armor defeat and long-range, precision direct fires to the battalion in support of the three rifle companies.

On Friday Dragon Company had completed Crew Gunnery Table II virtual certification in the Reconfigurable Vehicle Tactical Trainer (RVTT). Second Platoon, led by 1LT Mangum (Platoon Leader) and SFC Jerrell Williamson (Platoon Sergeant) qualified all five crews in the platoon in preparation for upcoming crew gunnery certification. SSG Justin Krise and Lieutenant Mangum's crew permitted me to sit in on a final debriefing conducted SSG Justin Krise; he did, in my opinion, a most professional job.

After the debriefing I was allowed inside the 3D simulator to try out a war game simulation using a life-like electronic 50 Caliber heavy machine gun. I want to thank SSG Krise and 1LT Mangum and crew who assisted me in the simulator exercise. The photos below show my elation upon completion of the exercise.