News from our Gimlet Brothers fighting the War on Terror
Tue, 10/4/11, Huckleberry, Steven L CPT MIL USA USARPAC

You will be proud to know that the GIMLETs have been very busy since my last
update.  The Battalion successfully conducted several named operations
partnered with our Afghan counterparts to knock the enemy onto their heels
in our area of operations. This has included one battalion operation,
several company sized mounted operations, and four company air assaults
operations into areas inaccessible with our Strykers. Currently we are the
division priority as we build a road to, and establish, a new company
outpost in the last remaining bastion of Taliban strength in the Kandahar
region.  The success of this operation will severely hinder the enemy's
capability to affect the population in the western Kandahar region and will
help the Afghan Security Forces attain another key piece of terrain
necessary for them to ensure security in the area.

During the course of these operations we have capture/killed multiple key
enemy leaders, destroyed homemade explosive factories, and captured several
enemy caches.  But more importantly, we are working to reopen schools that
have been closed for years, develop alternative agricultural methods so the
people of Afghanistan have options and aren't forced to grow narcotics for
the Taliban, provided the local population with easier access to the markets
of Kandahar City, and are working to develop a professional and effective
police force capable of securing the population throughout our area of

These victories have not come without a price, as we have sustained several
causalities during the course of our mission.  The GIMLETs that have made
the ultimate sacrifice will not be forgotten as we continue to drive on in
our mission and help the people of Afghanistan.  We feel confident that we
will continue to bring the fight to the enemy while developing and
partnering with the local government to ensure the success of our mission in

Fallen GIMLET Warriors:

Specialist Ryan J. Cook
Sergeant Rodolfo Rodriguez Jr.
Specialist Douglas J. Green
Private First Class Brandon S. Mullins
Private First Class Tyler M. Springmann
First Sergeant Kenneth B. Elwell

Very Respectfully,

CPT Steven Huckleberry
TF FSO, 3-21IN
FOB Zangabad